• 1Unnatural Leadership. Going Against Intuition and Experience to Develop Ten New Leadership Instincts , David L. Dotlich
    Written by David Dotlich and Peter Cairo– two of the country's top executive coaches and educators– Unnatural Leadership debunks the common notion of the natural leader as a flawless figure. The… 2181.42 руб электронная книга

  • 2Unnatural Causes , Dr Richard Shepherd (2019)
    The dead do not hide the truth and they never lie. Through me the dead can speak... Dr Richard Shepherd is the UK's foremost forensic pathologist, his job to understand the deaths which may have no… 869 руб

  • 3Unnatural Habitat , Kindt Matt (2012)
    As the mysterious Captain James Thacker and his crew man a deadly expedition, they will uncover secrets centuries old, but what does any of this have to do with Gus and Jepperd? Plus, while Jeppard… 1195 руб

  • 4Unnatural Creatures , Gaiman N. (2014)
    The griffin, the sunbird, manticores, unicorns&# 173;? all manner of glorious creatures never captured in zoos, museums or photographs are packed vividly into this collection of stories. Neil Gaiman… 806 руб

  • 5Unnatural Creatures , Neil Gaiman (2015)
    Chosen and introduced by Neil Gaiman, this thoroughly beguiling collection of short stories is inhabited by an amazing menagerie of creatures from myth, legend and dark imagination ISBN:9781408845462 1043 грн (только Украина)

  • 6Unnatural Creatures , Gaiman Neil (2018)
    Welcome to a menagerie unlike any other, where stories let AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL and occasionally TERRIFYING creatures roam free in your mind. This is Neil Gaimans selection of his favourite stories… 1254 руб

  • 7Unnatural Habits tpbk , Kerry Greenwood (2014)
    (POD)представляет собой классическую печатную книгу с соблюдением всех стандартов качества, от офсетной… 1991 грн (только Украина)

  • 8How to Survive a Sharknado and Other Unnatural Disasters: Fight Back When Monsters and Mother Nature Attack , Andrew Shaffer (2014)
    In a post-apocalyptic world where Mother Nature is angry and monsters are hungry, danger waits at every turn. Now, in conjunction with Syfy Network, HOW TO SURVIVE A SHARKNADO-AND OTHER UNNATURAL… 469 руб

  • 9Fish stories alleged and experienced, with a little history natural and unnatural , Holder Charles Frederick (2010)
    Книга представляет собой репринтное издание. Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по… 1317 руб

  • 10The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History , Elizabeth Kolbert (2015)
    Over the last half a billion years, there have been five mass extinctions of life on earth. Scientists around the world are currently monitoring the sixth, predicted to be the most devastating… 365 грн (только Украина)